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I’m Eric D July. Content creator. Gamer. Social commentator.​

Feel empowered, spread liberty, and finally make a real, positive impact on the world around you. It is not as difficult as you think. Join a community full of liberty-minded individuals that are influencing change across the world.

What's your passion?

What’s your passion?





Communicate Your Ideas And Learn
How To Be More Effective

Frustration. We’ve all had it. The burning feeling when you’ve got so much to say but you’re never allowed to express it.
The State, SJWs and more – there’s so many people out there who want to tread on your liberty and ruin your escapism.
But things can change. Together, we can make our voices heard, become more competitive, and work towards a freer society.

Hi, I’m Eric D July…

Unwavering Believer In Your Right To Express Your Freedom

When you need to show your liberty, I’m right there with
you. Since I was in my early 20s I’ve been spreading the truth and speaking out against oppression without censorship or criticism. By building a community of 100k+ freedom-minded people to discuss everything we feel passionate about, I can help us all make a difference.

Unique Perspectives On Everything
From Politics To Pop Culture

If you’ve got something to say, say it. That’s what life is all about, right? We’re talking powerful, uncensored
content – never polluted with social preferences or personal politics. If you’ve ever felt like you needed an empowering space where everyone was in your corner ready to champion your views, this is exactly what you need.

Join Eric July (that’s me) and my incredible community of freedom-minded libertarians to discuss politics, pop culture, comic books, video games and so much more. From blogs and podcasts to YouTube videos and a Discord channel that never stops pinging – it’s time to get involved and embrace your own liberty.

Use My Services To Spread
Your Liberty

Liberty can be shown in more than just protests. You don’t have to march to make your voice heard and show the world you’re making a statement. Expression is my passion – whatever form it comes in. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you need
– if you’ve got something to say, I’m going to help you shout it from the rooftops.


Whether it’s through comics, scripts, novels or something else, I’ll create the content you need to put your message out there – uncredited or otherwise.


Give your sound a platform to make an impact with lyrics and tracking from someone who’s been killing it in rap, rock and metal music since 2006.


Book me for your event, podcast or online community to spread the word about anything from liberty and culture to comic books and video games.

Voice Acting

If you need a voice for your character in any form of media, including cartoons, documentaries, anime and more, I’m your go-to guy.

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