Comic Book Culture.

Some said it was trivial... until the billion dollar movies

It is no secret: Comics books are my passion. My own comic book company has recently launched but that hasn’t stopped us from discussing everything that’s going on in the world of comic books.


DC and Marvel Comics always gives us something to discuss. But considering the recent direction of the industry, we’ve seen a rise in independent work and manga. This community discusses it all.

What Brings Us Together

You’ll notice that many people are a part in this community despite being from different walks of life. These are the 4 main sectors of the community.

Our love for liberty

Some are libertarians, some are politically homeless. Whatever they call themselves, they value liberty above all else.

Our love for gaming

Gaming is our outlet and a big form of escapism. From action RPGs to sports games, you’re going to find many fellow gamers.

Our love for comics,

Considering my own ventures, this is possibly the biggest portion of my audience and therefore a large part of the community. Normies or geeks are welcome to join in on the conversation.

Our love for music

My band (BackWordz) placed a lot of eyes on my other work. Metal might be the predominate genre, but it certainly isn’t the only type of audio-head you’ll find here.

So, what do ya say?

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