We All Are Gamers

Especially when you’re part of a community.

There are many different genres of gaming out there. Though I don’t play them all, you will inevitably find someone part of our community that’s into the games you play. Become a member and be part of the larger conversation, potentially even finding some like-minded people to play with. But even if you’re not into the games that I’m playing at the moment, catch us live over at Twitch and hang out.


A form of escapism

Gaming is an outlet for a lot of us. Some of us are competitive while others are casual. Either way, there’s always a conversation to be had in this ever growing industry

What Brings Us Together

You’ll notice that many people are a part in this community despite being from different walks of life. These are the 4 main sectors of the community.

Our love for liberty

Some are libertarians, some are politically homeless. Whatever they call themselves, they value liberty above all else.

Our love for gaming

Gaming is our outlet and a big form of escapism. From action RPGs to sports games, you’re going to find many fellow gamers.

Our love for comics

Considering my own ventures, this is possibly the biggest portion of my audience and therefore a large part of the community. Normies or geeks are welcome to join in on the conversation.

Our love for music

My band (BackWordz) placed a lot of eyes on my other work. Metal might be the predominate genre, but it certainly isn’t the only type of audio-head you’ll find here.

Community Days

Competitive and co-op gaming

Priding myself in being as interactive as possibly can and as realistically possible, we do a various amount of community days. This means we’ll jump in and get some games in together with the rest of this also community both on stream and off.