Expression Is My Passion.

When your freedom is stifled. When your creativity is cut short. When it seems like the whole world has an agenda
against you. That’s when you need to stand up, speak out and use the power of your voice to change

the narrative. I can help you do it.

Are You Struggling To Tell
Your Story To The World?

Right now, it might feel like you’re up against it. Whether it’s external or internal, you’re probably fighting a constant battle to cut through the noise. Chances are you’re beyond passionate about sharing your story – your message – but you just don’t need some assistance.

If you’re finding it difficult to articulate your message or find the right words to say, I can make it happen. I fill that gap and bring the inspiration you need to create powerful content that resonates with your audience – whether you’ve already got a strong following or want to take the first step on your journey.

More than anything, I can help you get your views out in public. Trust me, you aren’t saying anything if nobody’s listening. With an online presence reaching MILLIONS of people, my range of personal, professional content creation services can help you spread your liberty on the global stage and help you create a freedom filled future.

Here’s How I Can Give Your
Views A Stronger Platform...


Whether it’s through comics, scripts, novels or something else, I’ll create the content you need to put your message out there – uncredited or otherwise.


Give your sound a platform to make an impact with lyrics and tracking from someone who’s been killing it in rap, rock and metal music since 2006.


Book me for your event, podcast or online community to spread the word about anything from liberty and culture to comic books and video games.

Voice Acting

If you need a voice for your character in any form of media, including cartoons, documentaries, anime and more, I’m your go-to guy.

Trust Me, Eric July, To Master Your Message

When you need to rise up and influence change, I’m here for you. Why? Because we want the same things. Speaking out against oppression is what I do – and I’m never censored or compromised. Hell, I’ve been a public figure pushing for liberty since I was a teenager. It’s time for you to join the fight and stand up for your beliefs.

I get it. It’s hard to say what you’ve got to say when you just don’t have the reach. But it doesn’t make your message any less powerful. That’s why it’s my mission to give every like-minded freedom hunter a platform to spread their own liberty. By joining up with me, you’re never going to feel silent or stifled again.

As the lead vocalist on BackWordz and co-founder of Being Libertarian LLC, you can count on me to make your voice heard through words, music and pretty much every form of media. If you want a high energy,
no-holds-barred and unapologetically anti-state content creator – look no further than me, Eric July.

You Can’t Put a Price On Liberty

When it comes to making your voice heard, I want to help you do it as effectively and affordably as possible. That’s why I never set flat fees or fixed costs. Every one of my services is tailored to your specific needs and is priced on a per-project basis. We’re going to work together to give your message a platform to make an impact.

Don’t Leave Milquetoast Content Creators
In Charge Of Your Freedom

If you want a timid, feeble message that’s never going to make an impact in society, be my guest.
But if you really want to spark a conversation, create a cultural movement and influence real change –
get in touch and let’s make it happen.